How to prepare for a virtual appointment 

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Before the virtual appointment:

1. Make a list of the following information so that it is available for discussion with the research team.

  • Any changes in health since your last study appointment.
  • Any changes in your medication including changes in prescriptions and dosages (all medications including non-study medications).
  • Your questions for the research team.
  • Any changes in contact information since your last study appointment.


2. The research team will ask you questions about taking study drugs (aspirin and colchicine), the date you started a bottle, and when you finished a bottle since your last appointment. The research team will also ask you questions about any side effects you have experienced since your last appointment.

3. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, and where you will be able to talk with the research team in privacy.

4. Log in to the virtual appointment five minutes before the appointment time, so you can test the appointment connection on your device/computer.

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During the virtual appointment:

1. Although it is a priority for the research team to show up on time, there may sometimes be a delay, especially if a previous appointment took longer than expected. Please log in to the meeting wait for the research team to join you virtually.

2. It is a good idea to have paper and a pencil or an electronic device (computer, tablet etc.) to take notes as required.